Lemon Water – Magical Elixir of Good Health


Lemon juice is a highly efficient alkalizing agent, and does a great job or neutralizing excessive acidity in the body. This is vital because acidic pH balances inhibit proper digestion; interfere with the absorption of nutrients; cause excessive strain on the gallbladder, liver and pancreas; compromise immune system function; promote weight gain; and can leave a person feeling constantly fatigued and lacking in energy.

But this acid trick is just the beginning of the magic that lemons, and lemon water, can perform. If consumed daily and in adequate quantities, lemon water will:

Function as an important source of vitamin C (one lemon can satisfy 80% of your daily needs), potassium, calcium, phosphorus, magnesium, pectin fiber, iron, vitamin A and several B-complex vitamins.

Detoxify the bloodstream by cleansing the liver and stimulating its filtering capacity.

Eliminate bloating and constipation by promoting regular bowel movements and thorough digestion.

Keep the brain healthy by providing a regular supply of potassium (lemons have more potassium than apples and oranges).

Strengthen the walls of blood vessels and counteract any tendencies for internal bleeding.

Ratchet up the metabolism for more efficient calorie-burning.

Quash hunger pangs and thereby help reduce the risk of compulsive eating and obesity.

Prevent certain eye problems and help fight those that already exist.

Rejuvenate the skin and help prevent wrinkles or acne from forming.

Boost overall immune system functioning.

Supply the body with measurable amounts of 22 proven anti-cancer compounds.

Rev up energy factories in the interior of cells, reducing fatigue and slowing the pace of aging.

That’s quite a list, and there are probably more benefits that nutritional science has yet to discover.

The Golden Healer

Buy it, bring it home, cut it, squeeze it, spoon out the remnants, mix it all in water and drink it down in refreshing gulps. That’s the lemon water formula, and it’s about as simple a formula for good health as you could ever hope to find. Plus there’s no problem with sticker-shock here (something you can’t always say about so-called superfoods). Next to water, lemons are the world’s cheapest natural health restorer, and when you mix the two, you’ve got a potent liquid that, from the body’s perspective, is as good as gold.

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