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5 Top Fitness Benefits of High-Intensity Interval Training

High Intensity Interval Training, or HIIT, is an increasingly popular method of getting in shape. The spread of HIIT has greatly influenced conventional fitness programs, and it’s getting harder to find a list of fitness-center programs that doesn’t incorporate HIIT. Its advocates say that HIIT is highly effective for getting stronger and building stamina, and is an awesome way to burn fat. The idea behind HIIT is that your body is trained by bouts of short but intense effort, followed by intervals of moderate to low effort. The HIIT approach is applicable across various forms of training, but it is most popular in sprinting/running and...

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4 Common Foods That Cause Obesity And Their Healthier Alternatives

Weight loss is a popular topic of discussion, particularly in the United States, which is facing an obesity epidemic . In fact, when people think of the word “obese,” the number one country that comes to mind is the US. Widely reported statistics show that at least 33% of Americans are obese. Why is obesity such a significant problem in the U.S.? There are many factors to consider, but a major reason is the foods that many Americans consume, which often contain a high number of empty calories. Many say part of the problem is  because of the way food is marketed, where...

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