Are Your Friends Sabotaging Your Diet?


7 Keys to Prevent Friend Sabotage


  • Establish a Support Network: It is a human tendency to mimic the actions of those around us. And when we are in the company of people who have a lot of self control, our own self control is increased. So surround yourself with people who are invigorated, active and goal-oriented.
  • Ask Your Friends for Help: Share your dreams and aspirations with your friends and family. Ask them for specific types of support. Tell them that your weakness is social eating and recruit them to get behind you .
  • Be Strong and Leave it Alone: It’s unlikely that your friend is going to hold you down and force that chocolate eclair into your mouth. So take control and say no. Don’t feel guilty, don’t feel like you have to give an excuse, and don’t waver in your resolve.
  • Plan Ahead: You’ll soon identify patterns of association and periods of time when the fattening foods tend to come out. Plan ahead by preparing a healthy snack that you can munch on when those around you are chowing down on chocolate donuts.
  • Avoid Danger Zones: If your friends are into binge drinking, you have a choice – tag along and be peer-pressured into chugging down unwanted calories, or choose recreational activities that are more in line with your new lifestyle. If your friends call you a party pooper, try to accept it and move on.
  • Offer New Experiences: Arrange outings with your friends that do not revolve around eating and drinking. Go for massages or pedicures rather than movies with Coke and popcorn. You friends will still feel like part of your life – and you’ll all be doing something body-positive.
  • Order First When Eating Out In a Group: Check the restaurant’s online menu and make your healthy selections before you even walk through the By being the first to order, you won’t be influenced by the unhealthy choices others are making.


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