9 Foods That Reduce High Blood Pressure

Banana against blood pressure

4. Beetroot

Beets in general may not be as popular as they should be, but they have been shown to be effective at reducing blood pressure. This comes from a study that showed a reduction in blood pressure when a group of people involved in the study drank beetroot juice on a regular basis. The reason for this is apparently the nitrates that are in the juice, and many people saw a difference in their blood pressure within just 24 hours.

5. Skimmed milk

We know that milk is good for us due to the calcium, and that whole fat milk is not so healthy due to the fat content, but fewer people are aware of the fact that skim milk is seen as being beneficial to those people that have high blood pressure. The reason why it works is simply because of the two points we have just mentioned: the calcium content and the low fat content. It has been shown that a diet that is rich in calcium is fantastic at reducing blood pressure, so get drinking that milk to make a difference.

6. Oats

Oats are seen as being a wonderful food to include in your diet for a number of reasons. In this instance, it is because it is low in sodium as well as being low in fat, yet it is also very high in fiber. It has been shown that this balance is going to help with hypertension, which is why you should attempt to have oatmeal as your breakfast several times a week. However, just remember that it can be quite boring on its own, so be careful how you spice it up or add flavor or you may be undoing its good work. Consider adding a touch of cinnamon or honey.

7. Bananas

It has long been known that the humble banana is capable of doing so much for our health. Once again, it is because of the high levels of potassium. We have already stated how it can have a positive impact on the potassium and sodium balance, so having this as your source of fruit on a daily basis is certainly going to make a difference to your blood pressure. You are also helped out by the fact that they are inexpensive to purchase, so having one as a snack really is a clever choice on your part.

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