7 Secrets For Beating Sugar Addiction

5. Substitute appropriate healthy foods for the sugar-laced items

Most sugar lovers also love fruit, which makes sense given that ripe fruit usually has a sweet taste. Unfortunately, that love for fresh fruit is not strong enough to prevent sugar addiction from developing. But fruits are ideal substitution foods for sugar addicts, and the more fruits they eat, the better the chances of making a successful transition to a healthy diet.

6. Avoid artificial sweeteners, along with alternatives like honey and molasses

Sugar addicts need to suppress their sugar cravings to end their dependency, not satisfy them with sugar replacements. Supposedly healthier substitutes for the real thing might seem like a good idea, but this keeps the brain’s reward circuits wired for sugar, and ultimately makes relapse far more likely.
And watch out for hidden sugar imitators, such as high-fructose corn syrup. Processed foods in particular are loaded with them.

7. Read an article about sugar addiction or the health effects of excessive sugar consumption every day

Thanks to the Internet, articles on the effects of excess sugar are not hard to find. Knowing the enemy means thinking about it often, so it can’t sneak in through the back door when you’re not paying attention.

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