6 Dangerous Chemicals You Must Avoid While Washing Dishes

Washing Dishes and Dangerous Chemicals
Fragrances – Listen carefully to how the actors in dishwashing detergent commercial rave about how their product is lemon fresh, or reminds them of a cool summer breeze. The detergents just don’t smell this way by accident; certain toxic fragrances must be pumped into the dish detergent to get the desired smell. A single fragrance can contain in the area of 3,000 different deadly chemicals. The chemicals first come in contact with your plates, spoons, and forks, and over time they leave a thin coating that is hard to remove. The coating eventually comes off with the foods that you eat every day, easily being ingested into the body without you even realizing. The best way to protect you and your family from being exposed to thousands of different chemicals is to purchase products that are either fragrance-free or made from only essential natural oils.

Chlorine – Chlorine may be listed on the package ingredients of your favorite dish washing detergent as sodium dichloroisocyanurate. Dating back to 1990, this deadly toxic chemical has been on the Clean Air Act bill as well as EPA’s Community Right-To-Know list. Somehow it still shows up in many dishwashing detergents and eventually on the dishes you serve your family. Steer clear of any dish detergent that lists sodium dichloroisocyanurate as an ingredient.

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