6 Dangerous Chemicals You Must Avoid While Washing Dishes

Dangerous Chemicals while washing
One of the other issues ammonia can cause that you should be aware of is if you utilize dish detergent with other cleaning products to wash your vehicle, floors, or showers. If you mix a bleach-based product with a dish washing detergent that has ammonia, the combined chemical reaction will release a plume of toxic fumes that can cause severe skin irritation, respiratory tract infections, and cause permanent damage to the eyes.

Triclosan – Look at the label of your dish washing detergent and see if one of the ingredients is called triclosan. One of the ways that you may be able to tell without even reading the ingredients is to see if for advertising purposes the label calls this brand antibacterial. By using the label antibacterial, it creates the impression that this dishwashing brand is a safer alternative and will prevent the dishes and your hands from coming in contact with certain bacteria. The truth is far more disturbing and dangerous, however. Triclosan is actually a synthetic chemical that is added to your dish washing detergent due to the fact tjat it has anti-fungal and antibacterial properties. The chemical is extremely dangerous to our hormones, however, as it disrupts the body’s endocrine and thyroid systems.

Formaldehyde – Chances are pretty good that you know about the deadly toxin formaldehyde. This embalming agent is commonly used to preserve the body from decomposing, and is something that should be handled with extreme care and kept far away from the skin. You might be surprised to find that many dish washing detergent manufactures utilize formaldehyde in their products to act like a preventative to certain bacterial contamination. The reason that you might not see the word formaldehyde on the list of ingredients is because it is usually disguised as methyl aldehyde, methanol, or methylene oxide. That way it is more difficult to know what you are actually using to wash the dishes each night and will continue to purchase that particular brand of dish detergent. The sad truth is that any exposure to this chemical is highly toxic to the human body.

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