5 Ways to Stay Motivated With Your Workouts


2. Make it Fun

Most people associate workouts with getting tired and running out of breath – not to mention the pain they feel during, and a few days after, the exercise. It also doesn’t help if you view exercise as a boring activity that you just have to get done and over with. Although fatigue and pain are indeed part of getting strong and healthy, exercising doesn’t have to revolve around them. On its own, exercise is capable of chemically inducing happiness. Exercise makes your brain release happiness hormones, which is the “high” most runners or lifters get after a good session.

You can also make working out fun for yourself. You can make a game out of it with your friends, or test yourself against a set of exercises to see if you can beat your personal record. Some exercises can be done outside the gym in places such as the beach, park, or playground.

3. Set a Regular Schedule

Many people think the right time to work out is when they have free time or when they don’t have to go to work. But this is counterproductive for your body, and exercises done on random occasions will not be as effective as regular workouts, no matter how structured the workout is. Having a regular schedule for your exercise is just as important to your health as setting an appointment with your doctor. Both result in a healthier body and peace of mind.

The human body revolves around a system of routines that it needs to function normally. Whether you prefer to do them during the day or night, having a scheduled routine makes you much more motivated to complete your workouts and achieve all the goals you set for yourself.

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