5 Top Fitness Benefits of High-Intensity Interval Training


4. Minimalist

One of the best things about HIIT is how it promotes minimalism. Similar to its time efficiency, HIIT is driven by simple exercises that can be completed using little to no equipment. You can choose to use some equipment with jump ropes, biking, rowing, kettlebell swings, and running – or you can forgo equipment altogether with plyometrics such as burpees, high knees, fast feet, and jumping lunges.

5. The Afterburn Effect

HIIT can provide a significant boost in metabolic rate for a whole day. This is because a HIIT workout makes us consume far more oxygen than slower, steady-state exercise. Consuming more oxygen means your body burns a lot more calories even after you’re done training. This is what most people call the ‘afterburn’ effect, which enables your body to burn more calories up to 48 hours after a HIIT session.


Start exploring HIIT programs, and find a way to incorporate them into your own workout routines. Not only will you have greater variety in your training, but you can also drastically improve your overall fitness program. This can translate into a stronger and healthier body, with just a few minutes of extra work.

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