5 Top Fitness Benefits of High-Intensity Interval Training


High Intensity Interval Training, or HIIT, is an increasingly popular method of getting in shape. The spread of HIIT has greatly influenced conventional fitness programs, and it’s getting harder to find a list of fitness-center programs that doesn’t incorporate HIIT. Its advocates say that HIIT is highly effective for getting stronger and building stamina, and is an awesome way to burn fat.

The idea behind HIIT is that your body is trained by bouts of short but intense effort, followed by intervals of moderate to low effort. The HIIT approach is applicable across various forms of training, but it is most popular in sprinting/running and kettlebell training. This could be as simple as doing an exercise at an intense pace for one minute then slowly pacing yourself for the next two minutes, before going back full circle.

Not yet doing HIIT? Get yourself motivated by reading our list of the top five benefits of including HIIT in your fitness program, and you’ll realize how much you’re missing by not getting into the HIIT spirit!

1. Time-Efficient

HIIT is the definitive answer to those who always find excuses not to train, blaming it on the lack of time. HIIT is based on a continuous but fluctuating intensity of training, which has little to no rest periods involved. This makes efficient use of training time, meaning HIIT has the potential to be done virtually any time of day. This could range from doing a short kettlebell complex to  training with a jump-rope.

You can even just run up and down the stairs during your lunch break to get more out of your busy day. For those with serious time constraints, there’s a method called Tabata Training, which gets you a decent HIIT workout in under 4 minutes!

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