5 Health Reasons Why You Should Be Playing Tennis



Tennis is one of few sports that people can play at virtually any age, from 6 to 86. Anyone from kids playing on the local court to professional athletes can enjoy the incredible health benefits of tennis , which are greater than many other conventional forms of exercise. So if you’re thinking about playing, consider all these benefits:

1.Tennis offers an excellent cardiovascular workout.

It’s a sport with quick sprints and periods of brief rest – much like the interval training many health scientists recommend. Those quick bursts of energy are great for burning fat and building overall cardiovascular health. In fact, one hour of tennis burns about 600 calories, making it just as effective of a workout as jogging or biking.

2.You’ll build brain strength.

You may not notice all of the running involved (three to five miles in an average match) because you’ll be too busy focusing on the ball. Tennis requires you to make split-second decisions on each volley whether to go for the ball or let it head out of bounds. Much like a game of chess, tennis involves strategy. You’ll even have to make quick calculations of where a ball is headed based on your internal sense of physics and geometry. All of this helps your brain develop new connections and stay sharp well into old age.

3.Coordination is a big part of tennis.

balancing your speed and hand-eye coordination while keeping an eye on the ball at all times. Playing regularly helps you develop and maintain these skills until they’re eventually second nature. The best part about it is that you can retain and use these skills off the court. Indeed, tennis players tend to be more coordinated and well-balanced than others in their golden years.

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