4 Reasons You Do Not Need Multivitamins



You know your body needs certain vitamins and minerals, as well as other nutrients, to stay healthy. You probably also know that most of these come from the foods you eat. However, if you go to your local pharmacy or grocery store, you will see shelves and shelves of vitamins, which likely leaves you wondering: should you be taking multivitamins? It is a question that has been debated among healthcare professionals for a very long time. You could talk to one doctor and be told you don’t need a multivitamin, while another would swear by them.

The truth is that your body absolutely must have the right nutrients. They protect you from a variety of illnesses like cancer and heart disease, and they help maintain your overall energy and health. In general, if you are eating a variety of foods and choosing the most nutritious options, then you probably don’t need a multivitamin. However, with the modern Western diet, you likely aren’t getting all the nutrients you need. Our environment of processed meals, fast food, microwave dinners, and grab-and-go foods simply doesn’t easily provide what your body requires to stay healthy. That’s where multivitamins come into play.

It’s important to note that a multivitamin can never take the place of a healthy diet. If you are eating poorly and then tossing down a pill every morning, you are still not going to be healthy. You need to eat the right foods, and then you can effectively use multivitamins as sort of a booster or backup to ensure that you do have all the nutrients your body requires.

1.The Trace Elements

One of the best things about multivitamins is that they will give you better access to what we call trace elements. If you look at the ingredients list on many food packages, you may see these elements, but they will be at the very bottom of the list – and you may not be getting enough of them. A good multivitamin will ensure that you have enough: Iron,Manganese,Zinc,Selenium,Folic Acid,Chromium,Potassium

So, even if you eat a very healthy, well-rounded diet, you could benefit from multivitamins to bolster whatever trace elements you are already getting.

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