4 Reasons Why Wearing Rubber Boots Is Dangerous For Your Joints 

Joint Problems
4.No Foot Support Equals Joint Damage

The rubber boots are a bare bones design that give people the opportunity to deal with several types of environmental conditions without worry of getting wet feet. The simple design barely keeps the foot in place while in the boots, and for those with lower back pain, this can be a recipe for disaster. Those thin pieces of rubber provide the foot no support, allowing the feet to slide around and move while walking. Add into the mix the boots getting stuck in mud, and the joints have to take on additional responsibilities that increase the overall risk to joint damage. The minimal design of the rubber boots means that the joints in the feet and knees must provide the support to protect you while walking. Instead of the shoe bearing the brunt of the impact, your leg joints must do the work. Over time the constant work being added to their already challenging load comes at a very costly price. The knee joints can only withstand so much added pressure before they break down. The toes must also work harder to stay in position and keep the foot stable.

The three things that you need in your shoes are shock absorption, arch support, and cushioning. With rubber boots, you get very low scores in all three areas of concern. The result is that your joints wind up paying the price for this poor choice in footwear. These are all significant reasons why wearing rubber boots is dangerous for your joints. Flexible boots that offer foot support and have significant cushioning and support are a far better choice. The added money you will spend today on a quality boot will save you significant amounts of money in medical treatments down the road.

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