4 Reasons Why Wearing Rubber Boots Is Dangerous For Your Joints 

Dangers of Wearing Rubber Boots
2.Added Stress on the Leg Joints

Rubber boots are basically designed with one function in mind. This type of footwear was manufactured to keep the feet dry in a number of conditions. The focus on just keeping the feet dry does come with a price, and that is added stress to all the joints and muscles throughout the leg. The knee joints in particular are under added stress because they have to pick up the slack and provide cushioning while walking that the soles of these boots do not provide. If you are wearing rubber boots regularly, those knee joints are breaking down more rapidly and will lead to significant pain, potentially requiring surgery to alleviate the issue. Because of the unique designs to keep water out, the surface can be more slick than other footwear, resulting in more slips and falls. The thin layer of rubber in the soles of the boots provides absolutely zero shock absorption, so the knees must carry that added pressure and weight.

3.Loss of Balance and Stability

The stability and balance you get in a good shoe is lost with the rubber boots. When you are not getting the stability your feet need out of the shoes, you are at a higher risk of slipping and falling. The construction of the rubber boots causes an increase on pressure starting at the ankles, and as that instability works from the ankles to the knees, the added stress can cause loss of balance even in normal conditions. The increase in joint load is a contributing factor to more falls because you are not getting the cushioning in the forefoot and heel that you would receive from other footwear. The rubber boots lack a dense midsole, providing that added support to the middle of the foot and helping to better stabilize you while walking. When you lose stability and balance, you increase the joint load, especially in the ankles and knees. This added stress will increase the deterioration process more rapidly, resulting in people getting arthritis at earlier ages. Add into the mix the less than ideal weather conditions these rubber boots were manufactured for, and the risk of injury from loss of balance is exacerbated.

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