4 Reasons Why Wearing Rubber Boots Is Dangerous For Your Joints 


Rubber Boots and Joint Problems

Wearing the right footwear can go a long way in protecting your feet, and can improve many other body functions like mobility and balance. Your feet are complicated precision instruments with a unique network of ligaments, tendons, over 200 muscles, 52 bones, and 66 joints. Most people are not only neglecting muscle and joint health, but putting added stress on this system by wearing the wrong footwear on a regular basis. Rubber boots in particular sacrifice both comfort and function, putting strain on the complex network of joints that run throughout the feet. The next time you are thinking about purchasing or wearing those shoes, consider these reasons why wearing rubber boots is dangerous for your joints.

1.Wearing Down the Joints

Rubber boots are especially bad for any person who has arthritis. They are hard on the arch of the foot and will begin to wear down the joints in the feet over time. Not only does the rubber boot contribute to arthritis, it can cause significant pain if worn for a prolonged period of time. The composition of the rubber boots and the lack of support are both contributing factors to an increase in knee osteoarthritis and knee joint degeneration. Because the rubber boots offer very little in the way of support, the stress on the back increases and results in significant lower back pain.

According to the American Society of Biomechanics, people who wore this type of shoe wear for an extended period of time developed more severe foot pain later in life compared to those who chose a more healthier type footwear. Without the added cushioning that is available in a hiking boot, for example, the joints are forced to compress more frequently and will result in the wearing down of the joints more rapidly.

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