4 Reason Why Water Is So Vital To Your Health


3.It Breaks Down the Foods You Eat

The digestive process involves a number of different factors. Of course the acids in your stomach will go a long way toward breaking down foods. However, water plays an important role here, too. Without water, your body would not even be able to create the acids needed in your stomach.
Some foods – including soluble fibers – cannot be digested at all without the aid of water. Absent of proper hydration, your body would not be able to digest and break down foods at all, which could lead to a number of stomach and digestive problems.

4.Most Importantly, It Prevents Dehydration

Quite simply, your body needs water as much as it need air. Without it, you will become dehydrated, and that leads to a number of dangerous and uncomfortable symptoms, like:

– Weakness
– Dizziness
– Heart palpitations
– Fainting
– Confusion
– Lack of sweat
– Decreased urine
– Fever
– Seizures
– Severe changes in mental status

After three days without water, your body would simply not be able to survive –it’s that important.

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