4 Common Foods That Cause Obesity And Their Healthier Alternatives


4. Potato Chips

Potato chips are highly popular for their taste, variety, and their portability as a snack while on the go. They’re also infamous for causing weight gain. Most people assume that eating potato chips will give them the same nutritional benefits of eating potatoes, but that couldn’t be any further from the truth.
For the most part, the only thing potato chips (and other ‘junk foods’) have done to the world is make people aware of the healthier and more natural alternatives around them – a.k.a. real, whole foods.
Solution: Eat real potatoes instead, or if you really want chips, you can bake your own or cut them in thin slices and fry them. At least then you will know exactly what’s in your food (i.e., no preservatives).


Obesity is no laughing matter. With the way that common foods are processed and marketed, the world could soon be filled with people suffering from unhealthy weight. The common foods listed above are only a few of the many foods that cause obesity, so it’s wise to carefully consider what you purchase the next time you buy groceries.

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