4 Common Foods That Cause Obesity And Their Healthier Alternatives



2. White Bread

White bread is a staple food for many. It can be made cheaply and is filling, but it has a high number of calories in relation to the nutrients it contains. There are few nutritional benefits from eating white bread, and at 80 calories per slice, it’s a bad deal for maintaining a healthy weight.
Solution: If you can’t resist eating bread, try whole-grain breads with few ingredients. Not only will this bread be devoid of most additives, but you’ll also be getting more nutrients and fiber.

3. Margarine

Margarine is made with hydrogenated fat, which is highly toxic and is associated with heart disease. On a 100-gram base, margarine has around 15g of trans-fat, while butter only has about 3g, which effectively makes margarine more dangerous than butter, health-wise. Solution: Stick to butter. Butter, especially grass-fed butter, has a lot more to give you than margarine, and they are similar when it comes to calories.

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