4 Common Foods That Cause Obesity And Their Healthier Alternatives


Weight loss is a popular topic of discussion, particularly in the United States, which is facing an obesity epidemic . In fact, when people think of the word “obese,” the number one country that comes to mind is the US. Widely reported statistics show that at least 33% of Americans are obese.

Why is obesity such a significant problem in the U.S.? There are many factors to consider, but a major reason is the foods that many Americans consume, which often contain a high number of empty calories. Many say part of the problem is  because of the way food is marketed, where natural and healthy foods can cost more than three times as much as cheaper processed foods. Thus, for many people, healthy food may seem beyond their budget.

For those who want to make healthy changes in their diet, here is our list of the four most common foods that cause obesity.

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1. Sugar

Topping our list is something that most fitness buffs consider ‘poison.’ Multiple studies cite sugar consumption as the number one cause of unhealthy weight gain. Sugar is a staple ingredient in most processed foods, which means you’re often consuming more than your recommended share but you may not be aware of it.  Sugar-rich foods contain many empty calories, and many of the most readily accessible (and cheap) food items in the grocery store have a large serving of sugar. Solution: Avoid items that are heavy on sugar. Most people are getting too much and there’s every reason to stop adding it to foods that you eat every day.

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