10 Foods That Fight Osteoporosis 

Fruit Against Osteoporosis
4. Ragi

Now, you might never have heard of ragi, but that in itself is a travesty. This is actually a type of cereal or grain, but the reason why we have included it here is because it has very high levels of calcium. In general, we are talking about approximately 350mg of calcium per 100g of ragi and that is certainly something that is going to be helpful for your bones.

5. Dates

Dates might not be the most popular food, but that in itself is a major problem because of how good they are when it comes to you and your bones. They are high in both calcium as well as manganese and we have already stated how that is going to be good for your bones as they are the main building blocks that deal with your overall health. In general, we are talking about just a handful of dates each day in order to see a difference in your skeleton.

6. Fruit

We have decided to just refer to fruits as one unit because they are all pretty good at helping to maintain your bones. The reason is simple: they are all high in Vitamin C. Vitamin C has been linked to adding strength to our bones and of course it is also brilliant at helping our immune system. Try to mainly focus on citrus fruits, although both apples and bananas are also going to be beneficial to your health.

7. Legumes

When we are talking about legumes, then we are talking about soybeans as well as lima beans, which are high in calcium, and we already know how that is going to be pretty good at helping your bones. In short, you are looking at around 200mg of calcium per 100gm of legumes, which is pretty high, so you can see why you should include it in your diet on a regular basis. Lentils are another good source, so even including them in soup is something that may be of interest.

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